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If there's one thing I've come to realize, it's that life's journey often takes unusual twists and turns.

For instance, it was probably sometime after my pursuit of a political science degree at Heidelberg College and Ohio Dominican University that I first realized an inner part of me was calling for a way to bring more meaning into my life.  And it was probably during a trip to Paris that I first acknowledged my fascination for historical architecture.

While historical artifacts repeatedly surface in my art, the variety of subject matter consistently reflects unpredictable and inspirational moments.  My art, often described as "highly symbolic," reflects layers of meaning.  Many images are created in my own studio where I use original lighting and props to craft the exact message I desire.  Anyone who appreciates my work will need to look twice to feel and see as I have felt and seen.  Accordingly, art has become a window into my inner being and reveals the emerging artist I've discovered within.

 "Society has turned us into robots." Another brick in the wall!

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